Visit the Greenhouse

Come and visit my greenhouse to see what's been growing this winter.  I have many heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, herbs, and some flowers for sale.  Everything is grown organically.  Feel free to e-mail me at to set up a time to pick your veggies!

Saving Seeds

I learned a quick and easy way to save seeds after attending a class on peppers at the Heirloom Festival in Santa Rosa.  You take a coffee filter and write the name of the seeds you are saving, also include any notes about the plant, such as flavor or color.  Next place the seeds in the middle of the coffee filter and fold the sides around them.  Slip the entire thing into a clear ziplock bag.  The coffee filter not only keeps the seeds dry, it contains your notes which will not fade or wash off.  Come spring, you will be able to easily take out the seeds and get planting!

Harvest Party

We had our first ever Harvest Party last Sunday.  It was nice to come together with all the gardeners plus their family and friends.  Everyone brought a dish made with fresh ingredients from their garden, and the food was fantastic!  What a wonderful time relaxing in the warm weather, meeting new people, and enjoying farm fresh food.  Until next year!!

Officially FULL!

We are officially rented out here at Russian River Gardens.  We will be posting availability if anything opens up so make sure to check back around November for that information.  We are also happy to take names for the waiting list.  Just email us and let us know you are interested and we will add names to the list in the order we receive them.

Thanks so much for the interest and to those who are currently gardening with us!  We are enjoying our great community of gardeners.  

Feel free to check back here for information and news regarding the plots, as well as updates on how things are growing!

Almost at Capacity

Folks, we only have two plots left!  We've only been accepting renters now for two weeks, and we are surprised at how quickly it's filled up.  If you're thinking about renting, I suggest moving quickly or they might be gone.  Not to mention, the majority of our gardeners are in it for the "long haul".  It might be awhile before someone gives up their plot!  


A "Gated" Community

The community garden is officially finished.  This idea came to us literally mid-May, which is pushing the gardening season a bit, but it hasn't deterred gardeners.  So many people in this area are starved for either sun or space, so they are thrilled with this new opportunity to garden.  We only have 5 spots left and will likely be full by next week.  It's been nice to meet new people and see their excitement for growing.  One person is growing mostly flowers and herbs for flower arranging, another is selling her produce at local markets, and another is just interested in growing healthy, fresh food for the family.  Whatever the reason, we are happy to have you in our gardens.  I can't wait to post a picture of all the plots overflowing with flowers, herbs and veggies!  It's not far off...